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quality instruction in bridgeland, calgary

About Studying with me

I teach music because I love music and I believe that musical expression opens a way of communicating with reality that is not available through any other effort. I am a working musician and piano is my passion (find my biography here, find my detailed resume here). I teach all ages and levels (up to ARCT and including adults). 

I run a private teaching studio in Bridgeland, Calgary. I accept students on the basis of an initial phone conversation (free), followed by a 30 minute trial lesson-assessment in my studio: there is a $35 fee for this lesson-assessment, whether or not we mutually agree to move forward with a regular agreement. 

I offer classical technique and repertoire training and encourage chording (pop and jazz), improvisation, and play-by-ear work. I believe that music is made to be shared, and that public performance enhances practice, so I offer regular performance opportunities through the year in safe and supportive environments such as group lessons, festivals, and recitals. I encourage participation in exams through the RCM Certificate Program. I lead my students by example: I am a working pianist, an active festival adjudicator and member of the Canadian Music Festivals Adjudicators' Association, and view my training as a lifelong pursuit. 

If you would like to schedule a meeting, please contact me by phone at 403-922-8088 or use my contact form.

Rates and Policies

Rates: Lesson fees for the academic calendar, September - June, are $1300 for a 30 minute lesson slot. At this price, students commit to a full 10-month program of lessons, beginning in September and ending in June. This includes 34 lessons, as well as the December and June recitals. Longer lesson times are pro-rated from the base amount (for example, 45 minute lessons are $1950/year, 60 minute lessons are $2600/year). All lesson fees are to be paid in advance as a lump sum (September 1), in semi-annual installments (September 1 and January 1), or in monthly installments (September 1 through June 1).

I will be happy to discuss the rest of my policies during our first phone conversation. Contact me and we'll start figuring out next steps.